Locust Reborn

In making an entry to the Locust pages, I just noticed that It’s been about a year since I’ve done any mods or anything to it. Wow.

Anyway, I got to feeling antsy about my hardware so I bought a new mobo/processor combo off of ebay for dirt cheap and dropped it into Earthquake. EQ‘s mobo and processor are now headed for Locust, along with a new look to its woody, giving it a cherry stain so it will match EQ‘s case.

The plan here is to turn Locust into my secondary gaming box and turn Plague into a dedicated server that will live in a colo facility somewhere, serving up Quake 2 Devastation goodness and these web pages. In that vein, I’m also taking the Asus V8200 graphics card from Plague to run here.

I’m also rekindling my original watercooling setup for Earthquake, so I may be watercooling Locust or I might save the parts for my new Canterwood-based computer that I’m spec-ing out.

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