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The Orbaal Campaign
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The Account of Years


April 15 An expedition is organized to investigate Hikun Camp on the ship Banquo's Cousin: Finlor of Telen (aka Khare Pesed), Porall Starkhouse, Erithrian, Penryn the Red, and Arden Ford.

April 16 Battle at sea with bandits at Rouke Point.

April 18 Arrival at Steimos. Company meets Kragen Tor, a ranger, and Paros Hurke, a monk.

April 19 Begin travel up the river Pech

April 21 Arrival at Hikun camp.

April 24-29 Infiltration of Hikun Camp.

April 30 Company is discovered, Arden Ford is captured and tortured, then later rescued off a ship by Penryn the Red who becomes lost in the Kom.

May 1 Arden and Porall flee to an old iron mine to escape pursuit. Erithrian and Khare escape with aid from Aranderiel, a Sindarin.

May 3 Hikun Camp destroyed by Ivashu. Arden and Porall watch.

May 6 Khare, Erithrian and Paros Hurke arrive in Steimos. Paros wounded while investigating Kragen Tor's hut.

May 10 Arden and Porall arrive at a mining camp outside of Menekai.

May 11 Arden and Porall head back for Tharda.

May 14 Khare and Erithrian return to Shiran.

May 15 Arden and Porall encounter Giller by a pond in the Kom. Arden shoots Giller with an arrow then heals him. They argue and Giller leaves in disgust.

May 16 Porall reaches Kom provence. Arden encounters gargun and climbs tree to avoid them and is then rescued and captured by miners. Quote of the day: "Gargun can climb?!?"

May 17 Penryn the Red wanders into Hanar.

May 18 Porall organizes a rescue attempt for Arden. Catspaw meets Telvarin of Athul in the House of Courtesans. Marolar Nightshade begins to work for Sirith of the Scrolls as an assassin.

May 21 Porall and woodsmen find Arden at Sirion camp. Porall is slain in the rescue attempt. Penryn the Red enters Shiran.

June 3 Penryn the Red slain by thieves in the sewers of Shiran.

June 5 Arden shipped to Shiran for sale to the Pamesani games. Trained by

Gillamon Brownshroud.

June 7 Khare meets Brodan the Brandisher, a wheelwright's son, in the Moon 'n Flagon and enlists his aid for personal protection. Khare's plottings begin.

June 30 Catspaw and Telvarin of Athul bet lots of silver on Arden Ford in the arena and are rewarded handsomely. Telvarin is robbed by Grilly the Knife.

July 7 Arden Ford, in one of his late nite ramblings, meets the Rhydequelan, and the Order of the Eight Demons. He is humiliated, shaved and painted pink.

July 20 Catspaw and the archer, Raydeth, raid the Ferret Hole and Raydeth is slain.


February 1-7 Week of bloodletting (A war of assassins including 8 Demons, Khare and Sirith) Marolar Nightshade meets Hroln of the Hammer and, working for Sirith, slay several senators.

February 10-13 Marolar Nightshade robs several senator's mansions with Telvarin of Athul in a temporary partnership.

February 15 Hroln is caught by the city guard and is killed trying to escape.

February 16 Marolar Nightshade meets Erithrian and together begin to form what would be called later the "Mithril Triangle" - a series of trade/smuggling routes connecting the bandits of the Hefosia Highlands, the Shiran Thieves and the Rogues of Coranan.

September 17 Khare and Brodan flee persuit from the Senators to Golotha, searching for Wek-wek to heal his severed ear.


June 17 Marolar Nightshade meets Broud and form a temporary alliance to rob several mansions.

August 28 The Bandit Moot in the Hefosias. Broud the Barbarian is crowned king bandit (with help from Khare, Nightshade, Stryker, Pelos the Animist and Erithrian) on the Isle of the Kingmaker.

September 3 Led by Broud, the Hefosia Bandits seize Menekai, and the Arkata is slain. Stryker dies in the fighting.

September 5 Broud crushes a revolt and is accepted as Lord of Menekai. Nightshade and Erithrian rob the Keep's treasure vaults.


March 9 Brownshroud leaves the Pamesani Games and becomes a free lance assassin.

May 22 Arden Ford escapes from the Pamesani Games and Shiran.

May 24 Orbaal expedition leaves Golotha by boat:Khare, Brodan, Thrasymachus, Arden Ford, Paros Hurke, Jeb Starkhouse, The Captain, Ned, Raj, Radric.

July 1 The Company kills the Captain in Geldfjord and seizes the globes. Thrasymachus flees.

July 2 The Company is attacked in the woods by Crimson Dancers. Meet Riognach and flee Geldeheim. Skyler Winterborne finds out about upcoming gargun swarm and hurries to Pethwyss to warn the community but is delayed.

July 7 The Company arrives in Pethwyss.

July 8-11 Gargun swarm. Clan Winterborne trading cartel scattered. Attack on Pethwyss. Jeb and the Monk are killed. Skyler arrives in Pethwyss during the swarm.

July 12 Travel to the mountains to save Redlann and his band.

July 13 Return with Redlann.

July 14 The Company leaves with new porters: Skyler, Gwynedd and Tanwynn. Travel to Welemoch's wall.

July 17 Free Chola and Moonsea the Beastmaster from Gargu Khanai.

July 18 Path through the strange valley. Camp by mountain shrine.

July 19 Arrive at the Troll Vale below Welemoch's Wall. Battle with trolls. Encounter with Aranderiel the Sindarin.

July 20 The crossing of the Wall. Skyler saves Brodan and Khare from a fatal fall.

July 21 Arrival at the "Horn of the Moon" inn.

July 22 Leave for Leriel.

July 23 Arrival at Leriel.

July 24- August 2 Khare leaves the Company and meets Sleg and the Greasy Kid in the mountains. Arden breaks into ________ and steals_______ Skyler and Brodan get into a bar brawl, beat up everyone present and flee to the cave waterfall with the greasy kid as prisoner. Gwynedd and Tanwynn are falsely accused for the Companies actions. Arden Ford meets Catspaw in an inn. Gwynedd is hung.

August 3 In an attempt to rescue Tanwynn, the Company burns down most of Leriel and flees with Tanwynn to Gwaerynn. Brodan and Skyler interrogate the Greasy Kid.

August 5-11 The Company reforms. Journey by canoe to Buir Dom. Encounters with tribesmen in the Valley of the Nethil.

August 12 Arrival at Buir Dom.

August 14 Chola is killed by Sleg's men.

August 15 Encounter with the child. Arden and Tanwynn are rescued from its clutches.

August 20 Battle in the Gothic Room below the Tower of the Winds with the Crimson Dancers. Ned and Raj are killed. Brodan wounded. Khare and Tanwynn fight Crimson Dancers in the Dragon hall. The Mistress Seyena is slain.

August 20-27 Travel to Lorkin.

The Winter of 723-724

The Company winters in Lorkin. Catspaw and Tanwynn spy on Soloran's activities.

Soloran and his troops arrive with Ivinians from Klenen Keep.

Alliance between the Company and Sleg (the Greasy Kid, Abn A'harad and 10 mercenaries)

Gwynedd is hired as porter

April 15-25 Follow Soloran's expedition to Buir Dom.

April 26-May 12 Information gathering at Soloran's Camp.

April 30 Skyler is captured as a spy and is interrogated by Soloran.

May 2 Skyler escapes from Soloran's tower.

May 12 Battles with Soloran's troops. The Company flees by boat. Catspaw heads for Gedan.

May 18 Encounter with old man of the tower (Thrasymachus in disguise) by the lake en route to the Kjenfjord. Khare and Arden remain for several days talking with the old man. Skyler, Brodan and the rest leave for the mountain pass.

May 19 Battle on the glacier pass with wolf riding gargun of the complex Ejatus.

May 20 Khare and Arden begin travel along the Old Khuzdul Road and are overflown by the great Wyrm, Ndarka. The Many legged serpent of Doom attacks Skyler and Brodan. Abn A'harad is devoured.

June 1 Arrival at the shores of Kjenfjord. Meeting with Tiersyes Greydale.

June 3 Travel across Fjord by boat and meet Duranath at the Church of the Seven Mists.

June 4 Khare enters the Globe Gate and spends a millennium with the Demon of the Globes.

June 6 Great battle with Soloran and his men on the Isle of the Citadel. Catspaw arrives with the Angysha. Soloran attempts the revival of the Demon of the Globes but is slain by Tiersyes before completion of the ceremony. Soloran's expedition is destroyed. Two of his ships are sunk, the remainder are captured. Many Angysha and priests of Cuchlain Wheelwright fall. Catspaw and Sleg's men are slain. Fodorin and Thracymachus claim two of the three Globes and the other items of ritual. Brodan claims the third as his own.

June 8-15 Ship journey to Gedan.

June 16 Catspaw is buried at Gedan and his sword and ring are given to the Angysha. Giller joins the Company.

June 17-25 Travel to Lorkin.

June 27 Skyler leaves with Sleg Rifnik to sail the high seas on board the Slinky Salmon.

July 1-11 Travel to Leriel in disguise. The Company meets Shaepiro in the woods outside of Leriel.

July 12-26 Rest in woods outside of Leriel and decision is made to travel to Araka Kalai with Giller as their guide. Riognach leaves the Company.

July 27 Shylocke encounters Khare Pesed, Giller, Brodan, Arden Ford and Gwynedd on their way to Araka-Kalai via Leriel by daybreak. Gwynedd betrays company to mercenaries for the burning of Leriel. Battle in woods on outskirts of Gwaerynn.

July 28 Company reaches Himod and travels on the Pilgrim's Trail.

August 1 Battle with the Eaters of Eyes. Shaepiro looses an eye.

August 3 Reach peaks of the Ryashas.

August 4 Giller (with the rabdion) parts company, makes amends with Arden Ford (by sneaking away and leaving a note) and leaves money enchanted with Giller's curse.

August 6 Encounter Maltredder on the road. Khare falls ill with the curse of Giller.

August 10 Exit the Ryashas and enter the valley of the Wose, a stagnant, foul river in Misyn.

August 12 Enter Ochrynn. Arden Ford harasses possible informants in town. Khare & Shylocke free Duris Cot and examine the grave of Bahrmollock, finding eagles talons. Duris Cot was a companion of Giller who came to Ochrynn to steal the rabdion. Only Giller escapes, rabdion in hand.

August 13 Brodan discovered as an Agrikan and the guard forces him to leave. Given passage to Shiran by boat.

August 24 Enter Shiran. Partying at the Rafters.

August 25 Brodan fights Jordal the Ivinian. Jawbreaker and Ice-edge are lost. Marolar Nightshade and Erithrian are employed by Shylocke to track down rumors of Menedamus. Brodan leaves to train in Telen and presents the Agrikan elders with the third globe.

September 3 Shylocke and Arden visit Finlayston and discuss Theria of Norwin.

September 19 Erithrian discovers Hikun camp is being rebuilt.

September 20 Khare leaves to study in Paranan. Shylocke studies Bahrmollock's censer. Find out about Twilight Shiran.

September 24 Shylocke visits Menedamus' library and enters Twilight Shiran. Encounter with the Spirits Uncountable.

September 25 Prepare to travel to Kanday to visit a house that, according to Theria, housed Arden Ford's father, Hoorak, before his departure to Kiraz.

October 1 Cross Kuzem bridge and enter Kanday.

October 2 Arrive in Aleath. Confront Giller in an inn about the whereabouts of the rabdion. Arden Ford Kills him accidentally. Chase by city guard. Brodan and Skyler break into Giller's house and recover the rabdion.

October 3 Ride to Cuton

October 4 Ride to Hebon

October 11 Encounter Fey Folk in the Heath. Arden Ford meets Aranderiel and a friendship is born.

October 13 Search through Hoorak Ford's shack and find map of entrances to Kiraz.

October 14 Sindarin return and ghost ritual on the hill. Ride back to Paranan.

October 28 Company visits Khare in Paranan. Discussion of events during upcoming winter. Company rides to Menekai with Brodan to overthrow Broud Bandit-King.

November 4 Broud falls to Brodan, High Priest of Menekai.

November 6 Arden Ford is introduced to Selenia who rides with him throughout the winter.

During the winter of 724-725:

Brodan strives to rebuild Menekai and prepares for war against the advancing Rethmi army. Khare studies under Orbellas and teaches Selenia. Arden Ford sings in the Moon and Flagon and takes long trips into the wilderness. It is rumored he visits the elves and talks with Aranderiel. Shylocke hones her duelling skills and talks with Khare. Marolar Nightshade and Erithrian establish the Purple Ribbon. Shaepiro pledges his sword to Nicander as a bodyguard.

TR 725

March 5 Meeting at Rafters Inn. Skyler Winterborne returns from the sea. Kytas Iltrin joins the Company as Khare's apprentice. The Thardic Senate grants Kronas the exceptional power of commanding two legions to deal with Menekai. This represents the first step towards civil war.

March 6 Arden returns with Selenia. The Company rides to Menekai.

March 8 Great Celebrations in the halls of Menekai.

March 10 Battle for Menekai is joined at midnight. Outer city is burned. Menekai Keep is besieged by the Rethmi army. Skyler is separated from the main force of Menekai and forms an ad-hoc Task Force Wimperhound and ambushes small patrols in the outer city.

March 11 Skyler and the two other elements of TFW reach Menekai Keep proper and safety.

March 14 Kronas' army begins to march.

March 17 Army of Menekai sallies forth. Khare's fireworks aid in breaking the siege.

March 18 Rethmi armies retreat.

March 19 Parlay with Kronas. Brodan decides to leave for Kiraz.

April 2 The Company departs for Kiraz: Shylocke, Skyler, Brodan, Khare, Kytas, Arden, Tanwynn, Theria, Sleg, and The Greasy Kid.

April 23 Shylocke and Khare encounter Aranderiel:"Seek the catacomb stair if it's power you seek."

April 28 Approach the main gates of Kiraz.

April 29 Morning at Kiraz. Front gate is blocked. Khare scries for other entrance. The Company finds mountain top entrance and enters Kiraz.

May 1 Khare triggers curse of the Jumbling Bones. Breaking of the company. Skyler and Brodan seek weapons to fight the creature and Skyler is wounded by a trap. Sleg and the Kid wander off and are lost.

May 2 Find the Greasy Adolescent.

May 4 Rescue trapped Thardic legionaries.

May 5 Khare's bane arrives. Khare escapes using recall spells and flees Kiraz.

May 6 Explore the Sky or Night Domes and find the scrying eye in the tower. Shylocke finds library using recovered jewelled brooch. Enter the mines. Brodan, Skyler and Arden are ambushed by gargun. Skyler is wounded a second time. Gargun entrance to Kiraz discovered and sealed off.

May 7 Enter Torbis' room and recover journals.

May 8 Discover the crypt of the Alvis. Arden defeats the ghost of the Alvis with Fey magic. The plundering of the Alvis. Shylocke determines the location of the godstone and the catacomb stair.

May 9 Battle with gargun on the second deep. Skyler is wounded a third time. Shylocke is slain. Therea is poisoned.

May 10 Company decides to flee Kiraz and return when better prepared. Flight to the Godstone. Theria activates the stone and transports all to Buir Dom chased by Khuzdul, twins, Sleg and the Greasy Adolescent. Therea dies of poison.

May 11 Skyler is healed by Brodan in the Tower of the Winds. The Child is about.

May 13 Arden and Tanwynn take their leave of the company. Skyler, Brodan and Kytas decide to head to the Misyn. Battle with tribesmen. Brodan injured. Skyler is wounded for his fourth and last time during the Kiraz expedition.

May 19 Crossing of the Anoth with Brodan drugged.

May 26 Pass the summit of the Ryashas. Gillamon Brownshroud is assigned with Locutus to kill a merchant in Golotha.

May 27 Telvarin of Athul slain in northern Harn.

May 29 The Company reaches Misyn and Ochrynn. Dungeon Mules are christened Bob and Jeb. Secure transport to west Banath shore by boat. Brownshroud returns to Coranan and is paid by the Lia-Kavar.

June 3 The Company (Skyler, Kytas and Brodan) meet the Dove on the shore of lake Banath. Dove buys a cart to smuggle company to Menekai.

June 10 Kronas marches from Menekai with a large detachment of troops.

June 16 Kronas' army arrives south of Coranan. Panic in the streets as rumors spread of the "eminent" attack.

June 17 Return as heroes to Menekai. Much celebration. Brodan ambushed by Demonic Shek-pvar.

June 18 Day of Planning. Brodan holds a High Agrikan Mass.

June 19 The Dove steals the rabdion from Brodan and says he is heading for Golotha (actually rides for Coranan). Kronas goes in front of the senate and demands further powers. Senate can give no decision during the first division. Sirith of the Scrolls closes the border of Shiran provence. Duncanon takes control of northern Coranan and the Free City Movement.

June 27 Senate to meet to decide on Kronas' demands for more power. Brings many senators to halls by force. The Senators vote no in the second division.

Rioting in Coranan. Kronas fights his way out. Shaepiro pledges his sword to Duncanon who drives the Red Guard from northern Coranan. The Red Guard fights a holding action at the gates to the city.

July 5 Skyler and Kytas head for Coranan. Coranan riots continue.

July 6 Coranan rioters seize most of Coranan. The Red Guard abandons the docks and Kotros Square to the mob.

July 7 The Pentacles escape from Coranan. Red Guard besieged in Caer Kuseme. Skyler and Kytas arrive in Coranan. Duncanon drives the Red Guard from the Chamber of the Red Domes.

July 8 Free Armies of Coranan attack Caer Coranan. Bridge is burned. The Great Purge. The Lia-Kavar, the church of Naveh and the church of Morgath are burned down, both Agrikan churches are forced to flee. The first wave of refugees swarm to Coranan. Partying in the streets. Rumors of mutinies among the Legions of Kronas abound. News of the battle of Geshtai arrives. Uvetch, Coll and the brothers Winterborne enter the city. The Dove meets and befriends Gillamon Brownshroud in the Stake. Sirith's armies drive Kronas' army from the borders of Shiran provence.

July 9 Caer Coranan falls.

July 10 Caer Kuseme besieged by the free city. Partying continues in the Stake. Task Force Winterborne is formed and inhabits the old Pamesani Games training area. Legions of Coranan march to Geshtai. Kytas slain in the army camp of Kronas through treachery of Khare.

July 12 The Dove, Locutus and an intoxicated Skyler plunder of the Tombs of the Lia-Kavar. Wizards meeting. Khare, Fodorin, Thracymachus, Duranath, Ibn Kora, Marolar Nightshade and Erithrian meet at Kronas' army camp to plot the fall of Sirith of the Scrolls. Brownshroud "convinces" inhabitants of the noble houses on Achiva Street to flee the city. The Kuseme 20 assault Caer Kuseme and are victorious.

July 13 Temple of Morgath looted by the Dove. Khare, Thracymachus and Duranath attacked in the Purple Ribbon by the Spirits Uncountable and flee. Legion storms the establishment. Caer Kuseme falls. Victory at Geshtai.

July 14 Nicander leaves for Kanday to ask for aid against Kronas.

July 15 Free Armies of Coranan attacked by Kronas during their retreat. Task Force Winterborne takes to the woods. Armies of Coranan and Geshtai arrive on the west common. Sirith's armies invade Kom Province.

July 16 Outskirts of Coranan Burned. Kronas' parlay is rejected. Battle on the river. Uvetch and Shaepiro emerge as heroes.

July 17 Task Force Winterborne takes a bridge and hits a large supply convoy south of Coranan. Shaepiro leads cavalry charge from the free city. Kronas' troops are temporarily scattered. Task Force Winterborne heads to the Teb Marshes to find legionary rebels.

July 19 Task Force Winterborne meets up with the rebels. The Dove leaves Coranan to catch up with Task Force Winterborne.

July 20 Sirith's forces storm Caer Paranan. Elements of Kom Legion are captured. Orbellas flees. Barogar Turistas, Zelden Pesed and his wife are slain. Klodel and Fegiz Pesed escape. Sirith's armies continue pursuit of Kom Legion.

July 21 Kronas assaults Coranan and is repulsed with heavy casualties on both sides. Rebels in the Teb Swamp prepare to counterattack the territorial headquarters. Ezra the Meek sells the secret of the wall-tunnel to Kronas.

July 22 Second assault on Coranan. Kronas' armies enter the city through the secret tunnel. Battles in the streets as the City throws back the assault. Kronas' armies lift the siege of Coranan. Erithrian and Marolar Nightshade meet the mages in the ferret hole.

July 23 Erithrian arranges transport with Banquo's Cousin.

July 24 Sirith is attacked. Ibn Kora and Erithrian are slain. Sirith begins to bleed. Khare kills Thrasymachus. Marolar Nightshade stays in Shiran to recover Erithrian's body. Begins his week of murders. Khare, Fodorin and Duranath flee on Banquo's Cousin. The Dove catches up with Task Force Winterborne and Rebels in the marshes begin to march. The Dove uses the Morgathian gem (Nadiri's Heart) to slay the enemy army. Rebels reach the Salt Route by nightfall. Locutus, the Gargun and the Goat-man leave Coranan for Golotha.

July 25 Banquo's Cousin runs Kronas' blockade. Marolar Nightshade burns the Purple Ribbon as a pyre to Erithrian. Establishes "The Senator's Second Home" next door.

July 26 The Dove and Brownshroud study. The Dove hires Brownshroud to kill Brodan. Coranan cleans up. Brownshroud pays Skyler for information on Brodan. Skyler sends Nightshade payment for information on the Bandit Moot. Shaepiro and Uvetch drive Kronas' armies away from Coranan. Lands in a fifteen mile radius around Coranan are cleared.

July 27 Banquo's cousin rounds Rouke Point. Battle with Fodorin. A coalition of ten ex- senators take control in Shiran, proclaiming the "Second Shiran Republic."

July 30 Skyler, Task Force Winterborne and Uvetch head out to free his boat from the vortex. The Senate of Shiran begins to talk with Kronas' troops.

August 1 Shaepiro burns the laws of Old Coranan. Nicander writes the Laws of the Free City of Coranan. Shaepiro is elected as the first Steward of the Free City.

August 2 Shaepiro sends offers of peace and trade to bordering kingdoms. The Kuseme 6 gather to kill Kronas and to find the traitor of the wall-tunnel (Ezra). Shaepiro offers a bounty for the Brothers Shylocke. Locutus, the Gargun and the Goat-man arrive in Golotha and go to the Roost. There they meet Lorna of Dahlen, an amorvin, who was a shek-pvar in life and is now a priestess of Morgath.

August 3 Maltredder is slain.

August 6 Sirith bleeds to death. Uvetch frees his boat from the vortex.

August 8 Skyler, the Dove, Coll, Uvetch and Task Force Winterborne leave for Bandit moot via Shiran.

August 12 The Second Shiran Republic forms a secret alliance with Kronas. Shiran sends troops to aid Kronas in the war to the West.

August 13 Arden Ford, Tanwynn and Brownshroud arrive at Menekai at different times during the day: Arden and Tanwynn to steal the third globe and Brownshroud to kill Brodan.

August 14 Infiltration of Menekai begins. Battle between Arden and Brodan. Brodan is slain. Tanwynn recovers the Black Globe and flees north. Arden rides to Azadmere. Brownshroud escorts Tanwynn to safety and then heads to Shiran to meet the Dove.

August 16 Task Force Winterborne raid on the villa of Pinell of Tyl. The Dove kills his former slaver. Clan Pesed meets. Rumors spread of the Kronas- Shiran alliance.

August 17 Task Force Winterborne enters Shiran. Brownshroud enters Shiran.

August 18 Task Force Winterborne heads for the Hefosia Highlands and the Isle of the King-making. Boraxis Zabo arrives with Chalek the Hermit.

August 20 Peonians begin to arrive from Kanday with medicines and supplies.

August 28 Day of the King-making. Skyler's unconscious form is Kinged. The Coven of the Kom is formed. It's members are primarily outcasts from the Shek- Pvar: Khare Pesed, Pelos the Animist, Selenia Pesed, Chalek the Hermit, Balfor, The Dove, Gillamon Brownshroud and Coll the Ivinian.

August 30 The Dove and Brownshroud rescue Balfor from imprisonment by the Kom Legion.

September 4 Brodan's successor to Menekai is overthrown. Shostim sends a replacement and takes control of Menekai.

September 5 Skyler appoints Marolar Nightshade chamberlain of the bandits for his absence. Company leaves for Kiraz: Skyler, Khare, the Dove, Brownshroud, Coll, Uvetch, and Boraxis Zabo. Along the way, much is learned of the original Coven's past. Coll begins to have dreams of the Shek- Pvar bounty hunters. Arden Ford is slain in Azadmere by the Khuzdul King. The Earl of Tormau revolts against the king of Rethem and marches on Ithaca. The King declares war, and Rethem collapses into civil war.

September 8 Several Kuburin tribes cross into Rethem, siding with the Earl of Tormau against the king of Rethem.

September 15 Morgathian ambassidors secretly arrive in Shostem and agree to support the king against the earl, hoping to gain power for themselves.

September 25 The Order of the Eight Demons and the Cohorts of Gashang of Themson Keep rejoin the Order of Herpa the Mace. The Order of the Copper Hook, its ranks swelling, begins its pillaging spree in Tharda.

September 27 Company Reaches Kiraz and are sighted by gargun.

September 28 Enter Kiraz. Skyler leads company to the Sky/Night Dome in the Third City.

September 29 Decision is made to make permanent camp in City One West.

October 8 The Agrikan orders in Shiran usurp the Second Senate. Two of the senators are slain outright, the rest flee. The Temple of Larani fights back. Bloodshed in the streets of Shiran. Herpa the Mace rises in Telen but is defeated by Kronas' fragmenting army. Herpa the Mace rises in Moleryn is crushed by a coalition of the legion and temple of Larani. Company of the Copper Hook assaults Geshtai with the Eight Demons. Geshtai falls later in the day.

October 11 Shaepiro, Steward of the Free City of Coranan, sends an envoy to Marolar Nightshade, Chamberlain of the Hefosia Bandits, offering a letter of marque against the Agrikans. Marolar accepts and begins to implement new raiding guidelines for the bandits. At this time, the remnants of the Shiran sect of the Halean church, independent and guilded thieves including the Grey Mistress of the Lia-Kavar begin arriving to the bandit camp at the Hall of the Mangy Fox.

October 12 The Order of the Octagonal Pit and the Order of the Eight Demons acquire total control of Shiran. 8 Senators are impaled before the gates, the two remaining flee into the unknown. A high agrikan mass is held, the fires rise high into the night.

October 20 Cestor falls to the Agrikans.

October 24 Hediro falls to the Agrikans.

October 30 Firis falls to the Agrikans. Grilly the knife, chief of the independent thieves of Shiran, dies trying to assassinate the Grey Mistress. Rumors persist that he was backed by the Chamberlain.

November 11 Agrikans complete their control of Gerium province. Kronas' Legions cannot retreat effectively due to the poor weather and the fact that Coranan still holds out. The Agrikians have garrisoned Fobin, Geshtai, Ostenor and have beseiged Imrium, though it still resists.

November 12 600 retreating legionaries ally themselves with Coranan. All the remaining legions are destroyed or captured. The Agrikans beseige Menekod, the heagquarters of the Checkered shield.

November 21 The Kuseme 5 meet at an inn inb Telen and make plans to assassinate Kronas.

November 26 Kronas is slain in Telen by one of the Kuseme 5 posing as a barber.

November 29 The Kuseme 4 arrive in Coranan. Shaepiro sends envoys to Telen for treaty talks.

November 30 November is known as the month of the bleeding pines due to the Grey Mistress' actions to purge the guild of Shiran of all non-desirables. The Guild Mistress confronts Marolar, and negotiations ensue over the illicit activities involving Shiran. The Grey Mistress returns to Shiran to establish her "Iron Guild" backed in part by Marolar Nightshade.

December 5 D. Licentious Horbilis is sent to Telen to make a military alliance with Clan Nordaka. 3 of the Kuseme 4 are sent after the V'hir. 1 is sent after Astvadaj in Moleryn. Kobart Nordaka goes to rule in Moleryn.

December 14 The Triumverate is formed: Shaepiro of Coranan (Coranan), Amerak of Nordaka (Telen), and Kobart of Nordaka (Moleryn) agree to a joint defense against the Agrikans. The Salt Route is opened to the Free City.

December 20-30 3 of the Kuseme 4 go after the V'hir. All are slain and one V'hir is killed.

The Winter of 725-726

Rethem remains locked in civil war against the Earl of Tormau, but winter has made mass troop movements impossible. The Retrhem/Kanday borders remain stalemated between troops of Agrik and Larani. The Triumverate of Coranan, Telen and Moleryn continues to hold off Agrikan troops. Coranan's population swells from incoming refugees. Food shortages are a problem, and disease and starvation take their tolls. In Shiran, Agrik is in total control and high masses are held with many burnings.

The Coven of the Kom spend its time preparing in individual ways to survive the hunt of the Shek- pvar. Skyler and other non-mages spend time exploring and mapping the upper halls of Kiraz.

January 13 Both Brothers Shylocke are killed on the streets of Telen by the Kuseme 1 sent by Shaepiro.

January 18 The Coven is attacked by gargun.

March 24 In a foraging expedition to the surface, Skyler meets and befriends Ninueh the Moor-Sindari (spelling?)

May 19 Brownshroud becomes a grey mage. Khare, Brownshroud and others begin to study Dragon Magiks.

June 1 Armies of the Free City of Coranan march towards Geshtai.

June 3 The army of the Free City reaches the keep of Noru and lays seige to

the Agrikan knights there.

June 5 The gates of Noru are smashed and the Agrikans are destroyed.

June 6 The army of the Free City arrives at the Imris bridge aand frees it from Agrikan holds in a surprise attack. Shaepiro also sends word to the Chamberlain in the Hefosias to attack Imrium.

June 7 The New Coranan Legion and a few knights of the Checkered Shield led by Shaepiro cross the Imris and do battle with the Agrikans. After a bloody battle, Shaepiro emerges victorious. The seige of Geshtai begins.

June 10 Shaepiro's messenger reaches Marolar Nightshade, who agrees to attack Imrium on the condition that it will remain in bandit control after its liberation.

June 20 130 bandits assemble in the Hall of the Mangy Fox to attack Imrium.

June 26 Marolar's bandit force arrive at Imrium Keep in early dawn. A battle of thieves against Agrikans ensues, with the thieves initially gaining the upper hand. After a bloody battle in the great hall, the Agrikans are overcome, and the bandits loot the castle.

July 1 Ull "Al" Penchokas, a miner's guild official, is established in Imrium with strong resistance from the citizens. In a panic at the "demonic strength of the Bandit King," Ull offers a large cut of the Hikun-Iracu mining scam profits to Marolar for "protection."

July 3 Marolar Nightshade returns to the Hall of the Mangy Fox to be challenged by an alliance of rival bandit lords to rightful kingship. A kingmaking is called. Marolar makes a deal with the Grey Mistress for her best warriors.

July 7 The day of the Kingmaking. Marolar and his Lia-Kavar allies does battle with the bandit lords. Only Marolar is left standing to be crowned king.

During the summer of 726, the Agrikans of Shiran provence strike south, beseiging Telen and capturing much territory.

September 30 The Coven decides to end the training and leave Kiraz. A decision is made to explore the lower halls and deeps first.

October 1 The Chasm Stair is discovered and followed to the bottom. The Dove finds Zerien the Khuzdul's cave home.

October 2 The Wyrm N’Darka is seen asleep at the bottom of the Uthel. Skyler awakens it while trying to etch his name onto the wall containing the Lineage of the Dwarven Kings. Khare and Uvetch escape by divine intervention and are flung from Kiraz. Coll is caught and given a condition for sparing his life. Coll attacks Skyler and gets beat up.

October 3 The Company flees away from the dragon further underground to the Underdeeps. The Halls of Unien are found. Skyler is slain by a trap while plundering his tomb, and is revived by Ninueh. Skyler pledges his life to Ilvir and begins his life debt to Ninueh. Khare appears in Kustan by the hands of Naveh.

October 4 Travel along the Silver Way. Those who remained behind (Balfor, Chalek, Pelos and Selenia) are attacked unawares by the seven Shek-pvar. Balfor escapes into the deeps. Pelos and Selenia are saved by her wolfhound and escape with Tefira who declares himself renegade. Chalek is slain but his body is flung into the Uthel. Balfor flees deep into the deeps of Kiraz.

October 5 Pelos and Selenia escape Kiraz accompanied by Tefira.

October 9 Khare summons an ice demon at Kustan- The demon kills the remnants of the Shek-pvar bounty hunters, Trozen the Bald and Nikolai, though the demon is slain in the process.

October 10 Khare locates Pelos and Selenia and travels back to Kiraz.

October 12 The Company reaches the Mines of Azora and reach the surface outside of Kiraz.

October 13 Brownshroud returns to Kiraz for the others. Finds Pelos, Selenia, Khare and Tefira. Pelos, Khare and Selenia leave the Coven. Tefiras joins and returns with Brownshroud.

October 14 Remnants of the Coven of the Kom arrive at Ochrym. Celebration of Araksin.

October 15 Brownshroud, the Dove, Skyler and Boraxis walk the serpent's tongue. All make it to the fifth gate in the tower over Iracu except Skyler who makes it to the third gate. Brownshroud and the Dove decide to spend the next two weeks in the tower, learning incantations, communing with the Brooding One, playind recorder music in the early morning mist, and repairing the mural in Ilvir's tower.

October 16 Coll interrogates Tefiras with the Dragon Charm. Tefiras reveals that he is a plant and a spy of the Shek-pvar. The Dove, Coll and Brownshroud introduce him to the Ivashu pens and he is picked apart and torn to ribbons.

October 17 Khare, Pelos and Selenia arrive in Kiraz and rescue Balfor.

October 18 Khare, Pelos, Balfor and Selenia begin their journey to Golotha.

November 2 Skyler Winterborne, Ninueh and Boraxis leave for Shiran by barge with the intent of forming a mercenary force of elite caliber.

November 6 Brownshroud, Coll, and the Dove leave Ochrym for Orbaal. Skyler and company reach Shiran and descover the wasteland that it has become at the hands of the Agrikans. They encounter the Dragon begging at a corner. Skyler is hassled by Agrikan watchmen at the door of the Rafters, and Ninueh slays one with bowfire. Skyler and Co. go into hiding and Skyler decides to aid the underground in its war on the Agrikans. Agrikans assault the Dragon's hideout later that night. Ninueh and Skyler flee into the sewers. The Dragon loiters at the door and is taken prisoner. Taran The Tentmaker and Boraxis flee into the sewers but wander into an old Morgathian crypt, persued by Agrikans. Skyler and Ninueh flee deeper into the sewers and Skyler impales himself on a rock and subsequently bleeds to death. Ninueh revives him a second time. Skyler begins his plot to rid Shiran of the Agrikans and take control of the Rafters Inn and the Shiran underworld.

November 7 Brownshroud, Coll and the Dove reach Gwaerin with use of the windwalking spells. In Shiran, Ninueh and Skyler flee from Agrikans and are reunited with Boraxis. Taran the Tentmaker, having looted a diamond from the crypt, joins the Temple of Halea and lives happily ever after. Skyler recuperates from his wounds with the old man of the undercut. Ninueh begins to befriend the Spirits Uncountable for an assault on Caer Shira. Boraxis has weapons comissioned.

November 8 Reach Leriel. Brownshroud spends remainder of afternoon with _______, his former master Shek-pvar. Khare, Pelos and Selenia pass by Menekai at nightfall.

November 9 Depart for Lorkin.

November 16 The Dragon makes his escape from the Agrikan slave pits and is met by Erithrian.

November 17 Arrive in Lorkin. The same day, Pelos and Selenia are attacked again by the Shek-pvar. The She-wolf slays Okhor the Savyorin (by Nur Halage) but is herself slain.

November 18 Loc Hilts surfaces in Shiran as Harlan, who begins a campaign to become a District Senator. He hires a man to hire several individuals to plant drugs on a campaign rival. The three individuals are _________ a con artist, _________ a drug addict, and Previn Kurdt an ex-cityguard turned locksmith (the infamous Chair Boy). Previn and Co. manage to plant the drugs thanks to Previn's incredible skills, but Previn ends up reinlisting with the City Watch after falling through the roof of a guardhouse and breaking his leg.

November 19 Khare, Pelos and Selenia arrive in Golotha, and go to the Roost. In Shiran, Skyler, Boraxis and Ninueh attempt to recover Skyler's lost gear from the thief Mundane, but Skyler blows it and Ninueh and Boraxis leave him to fend for himself. In the subsequent chase, Skyler flees across the city and accidently encounters the remnants of the Lia-Kavar who have gone into hiding in the sewers beneath the city.

November 20 Feeling betrayed by his only "friends" Skyler leaves in disgust and heads for the Hefosias (accompanied by Boraxis for Skyler's "Protection") to recruit an army from the Chamberlain, Marolar Nightshade.

November 21 Ninueh and the Dragon, accompanied by Shiran thieves and several Spirits Uncountable, infiltrate Caer Shira and assassinate the leader of the Agrikan faction in Shiran, but in the ensuing flight out of the complex end up battling several Agrikan knights. All but five of the thieves are killed and the Dragon and Ninueh manage to escape after killing many knights with poison. Ninueh falls from the tower in his flight from the agrikans and fractures his leg, giving him a limp for the rest of his days.

November 24 The travellers Brownshroud, Coll and the Dove arrive in Gedan and speak with Efazian of the Angeisha. Ninueh begins to stir up the Shiran Independent Thieves in a movement to oust the Agrikans.

November 25 Angeisha blindfold the travellers and lead them to a secret outpost of the jarin rebellion. Brownshroud has bitter talk with his brother, Haldar and leaves in anger and sorrow. Efazian leads travellers to the isle of Caraba home to clan Ekkard.

November 26 Skyler and Boraxis reach the Bandit camp and Boraxis blows the head off a sentry of the Grey Mistress with his pistol. The duo reach MArolar Nightshade and descover the Grey Mistress' desire to rid Shiran of all Independents. Skyler, Boraxis and Marolar begin their plottings to overthrow the armies of the Grey MIstress, the remaining Shiran Senators, the Agrikans and Marolar's own bandit horde.

November 27 Coll is reunited with his family and eventually the travellers depart for Merby and is attacked by Sherwin ships. Brownshroud invokes his newly acquired talent and ignites the enemy warship in a firey pyre on the high seas.

November 29 Travellers arrive in Merby and are rteunited with Uvetch Ushkanos, sailor extraordinaire on his ship, the Scourge of Eels. Days of rejoicing ensue.

December 4 The Travellers (Brownshroud, the Dove, Coll and Uvetch) set sail for the foreign shores of Lythia.

Thus Ends The Book of the North

(The Original Orbaal Campaign)

TR 726

December 5 I, Gillamon Brownshroud, have taken it upon myself to continue the Account of Years during our explorations of Lythia, and will mark this page as the beginning of a new life, free from the immediate dangers of the renegade hunters of the Shek-pvar.

December 12 Still at sea on board the Scourge of Eels. Plagued the whole way by rough winter storms. Uvetch calls Sarajin's aid to calm the storms and delivr us safely to Ilby.

December 13 The remains of the Scourge of Eels and its exhausted crew arrive at ________ and repair the Boat.

December 14 Head back out to sea. Rough weather plagues the voyage. Muster of the Grey Mistress' Bandit Army. Skyler, Boraxis and Members of TFW flee to Shiran ahead of the Army to warn the Agrikans of the coming army and the Independent Thieves of Shiran to hide while the battle rages. The plan here is an attempt to have all the armies destroy themselves so the Independents can keep the city for themselves.

December 17 Reach the shores of Ilby. Resupply and repair boat.

December 22 Lookout spots land (Kyriheim). Spend the next several days skirting the reefs and looking for a suitable beach to land. Skyler and Co. reach Shiran and warn Ninueh and the Haleans about the approaching armies of the Grey Mistress and the Mangai. Shiran thieves go underground.

December 24 Wake up in the Clanhouse of Mulder. Decide to speak to the Oracle. Brounshroud speaks of his feud with his brother, Dove speaks of Dragon Magics, Uvetch learns of the path to priesthood of Sarajin, and Coll descovers the secret of the curse of Sarajin. Brounshroud spend the night in the freezing outdoors in a purification ritual to Ilvir. Arrives the next morning half frozen.

December 26 Depart Kyriheim, setting sail for Lokis.

December 27 Arrive in Lokis and repair and reprovision. While there the sailors hear the rumors of Maruchom, andd of it containing fabled wealth.

TR 727

January 1 Shaepiro's Stewardship ends. Elements of TFW leave Shiran to warn Marolar's approaching bandit army about the battles to come. Marolar manages to keep his forces out of the fracas.

January 2 Battle of the Five Armies. The Armiy of the Grey Mistress engages the Agrikans. The Army of the Mangai arrive and flush out the Agrikans. Marolars’ army arrives later in the day, unchallenged. Marolar, Boraxis, Ninueh and elements of TFW enter Twilight Shiran to slay the Grey Mistress. Duel between the Grey Mistress and Marolar Nightshade in the Master Thieves Arena. The Grey Mistress is slain. Marolar resists the poison and posession attempts of the Master Thieves and returns to Shiran in a coma 6 days later.

January 3 Lia Kavar of Shiran is overthrown by Marolar's army and TFW, led by Skyler who is wounded in the knee. The Guild House is plundered, though the tombs of the master thieves are untouched.

January 4 Set sail for Maruchom. Arrive and decide it would be fatal to remain in the winter storms. Sail for Taarenlund (Ivinia) instead. Skyler takes over ownership of the Moon 'n' Flagon in Shiran. _______ takes posession of the Rafters. Skyler, Boraxis and Ninueh ride to Coranan.

January 5 The Scourge of Eels crashes on the beach of Taarenlund.

January 8 Marolar Nightshade returns from Twilight Shiran in a coma but is later revived.

January 11 Skyler and Co. reach Coranan. Skyler buys off the Shek Pvar with a gift of a Mithril Skull, looted from the Khuzdul tombs. Ninueh, Shaepiro and Boraxisd book passage on board the Banquo's Cousin to Cherafir, but party in the Steak for the next week.

January 18 Skyler returns to Shiran laden with the Adventurer's Gifts. Ninueh, Boraxis and Shaepiro leave for Golotha, en route to Cherafir, and eventually Lythia. All three with revenge on their minds.

January 25 Skyler returns to Shiran and runs the Moon 'n' Flagon. Marolar winters in Shiran with his bandits and TFW, and returns to the Hefosias in the spring, taking up residence in a manor house in the hefosias.

During the next several months, the crew of the Scourge of Eels wait out the rough north sea weather until it passes, sometime in mid april. Brownshroud, the Dove, Coll and Uvetch remain with the Ivinians feeling safe that the Shek-pvar couldn't have followed them through the horrible weather. All spend the next several months among the Ivinians, learning their language and culture. Brownshroud spends time with Braanwen, the Clanhead's daughter, whom he tells the secret of their flight from the Shek-Pvar. Braanwen expresses her whish to accompany the travellers after hearing Brownshroud's tale.

April 7 Coll, Uvetch, Brownshroud and the Dove return to their voyage. They manage the escape of Braanwen by having her "fall in love" with Coll, and upon departure he spurns her love and she flings herself into the Fjord, secretly protected by Coll's waterbreathing spell.

April 14 Arrive on the Ivinia mainland in Valaheim. Uvetch volunteers to fight a battle in Froyaheim against the Dagen of Ibon Vaal, but Brownshroud, sick of the whole mess, eliminates the entire enemy army and its attendant Agrikan Knights with several walls of fire, tipping off the persuing Shek-Pvar that the adventurers are headed for Lythia.

April 15 The Serpent's Tooth departs Froyeheim through the Leimenfjord. In the evening, Uvetch ordsers his men to burn the crops of Vallenheim as a parting shot. Brownshroud burns their navy.

April 16 The Serpent's Tooth runs the straits at Pelyn and manages to eventually evade persuit.

April 21 A storm at sea causes some damage to the longship. Spend the night in the Harbaleese village of Saliam on Mefbe Island. Spend the next week repairing the damage to the Serpent's Tooth.

April 29 The Serpent's Tooth sails again.

May 1 Spot and plunder part of a Nevik convoy. Rich cargo of skins recovered. Sail through Pedon Bay to Kereon - Gargu Hyeka trading colony, and are well received by the populace. The travellers learn that the whole region knows of Brownshroud's antics during the battle of Froyeheim. Uvetch spends the night in the lord's castle and learns also that Dagen is angered about the destruction of his knights at Froyeheim.

May 6 The Serpent's Tooth pulls into the harbor of Chelemby.

May 7 Shaepiro, Ninueh and Boraxis leave Cherafir for Chelemby.

May 14 Shaepiro, Ninueh and Boraxis arrive in Chelemby, Lythia.