New motherboard for Earthquake

I recently picked up a new A7v266-E motherboard and an Athlon XP 2000+ processor for very cheap off of ebay, so I decided to throw that processor/mobo combo into the old Locust and upgrade Earthquake slightly from an XP 1600+ to an XP 2000+

Here’s the new processor specs:

 Athlon XP Processor High-end
 Core Thoroughbred-A
 CPU Model 8
 Manufacturing Process 130 nm
 Approximate Transistor Count 37.2 million
 Approximate Die Size 80 sq. mm
 Performance Rating 2000+
 Working frequency 1667 MHz
 Package Type OPGA
 Operating Voltage 1.65 V
 Max Die Temperature 90° C
 L1 Cache Size 128 KB
 L2 Cache Size 256 KB
 Multiplier 12.5x
 FSB Frequency 266 MHz
 Stepping Code AIRDA
 Manufacture Year 2002
 Manufacture Week 22
 Production Batch M
 Batch Production Number 8703

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