Earthquake Current Hardware

I replaced the 60gb IDE Drive with a 10,000 rpm Quantum Atlas 10k II Ultra-160 SCSI drive to boost performance. The drive is a bit noisier, but the seek times and I/O on the thing more than make up for it.

I think the 60gb IDE drive will go into Locust, replacing the 15gb drive, which will go into a test box running FreeBSD. Details to follow (someday).

Current Hardware:

AMD Athlon XP 2000+
Asus A7v266-E Motherboard


ATI RADEON 8500LE 64mb video card
768MB Crucial PC2100 DDR RAM (1x 256 1x 512)
SoundBlaster Live! value sound card
Adaptec AHA-19160 SCSI Controller
2x Quantum Atlas 10000RPM 18GB Ultra-160 SCSI hard drives
Quantum Atlas 10k II Ultra-160 SCSI Hard Drive
Artec WRA-WA48 CD-RW
1.44″ Floppy drive
MIDIman/M-Audio Delta-44 PCI Analog Recording Interface
Custom Pine Full Tower Case
Zalman Copper Cooler HSF
Enermax 365w PSU
HP SureStore 12/24GB SCSI Tape Backup

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