Headcrash SCSI benchmarks

While reinstalling Win2k server on Headcrash, I decided to take some time to run some benchmarks against the storage subsystem to see what would make the best setup out of the hardware I had on hand.

Here are the results using SiSoft Sandra.

Here’s a test of five LVD-80 10k SCSI drives in RAID-5:


Here’s a test of four U-160 7200rpm SCSI   drives in RAID-0:


Here’s a test of four U-160 7200rpm SCSI drives in RAID-5:


No real surprises here. RAID-0 beats RAID-5 and U-160 drives beat LVD-80 drives. Nice to know that SCSI RAID-0 still outperforms ATA RAID-0.

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