10 Gigabit Home Networking Hardware

10 gigabit hardware

I recently swapped out my Infiniband 10g hardware for 10 gigabit over fiber so I snapped a few photos to post this kit on eBay. I thought I’d post them here as well for posterity’s sake.

This solution was rock solid and I would have kept it running if the hardware adapters didn’t get deprecated in later versions of VMware. Since I was moving to ESX 6.7 this was a non-starter so to eBay it went!

Fujitsu XG2000C switch, 5 Mellanox Connect-X (HP MT25418) 10g HBAs, CX4 cables

Details of the switch itself:

Various photos of the HP Infiniband 4X DDR Dual Port HBAs (rebranded Mellanox ConnectX Infiniband – MT25418):

CX4 cables:

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