Plague reborn in Devastation Quake ][

Devastation Quake II
Devastation Quake II

The last update for Plague was over fourteen years ago. My kids didn’t exist yet. The idea of my kids didn’t exist yet.

But now that I am moving out of my colo and splitting my gear between a 42U cabinet in my garage and hosting it in Amazon Web Services, it’s time to reorganize some things. In that light I have started up the Quake 2 Devastation server on a virtual machine in my garage and put up the old site to talk about it. It’s very, very out of date, but it’s kinda fun to see the origins of this server circa 2003.

I am also working on a statistics page that processes the Devastation server game logs. So far it’s a fairly simple PHP setup that pushes the raw XML data generated by Q2Dev into an Aurora MySQL database. Where it gets tricky is writing the SQL queries and PHP code that parses the data and generates meaningful and interesting match information.

Stay tuned!

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