ZFS reading material

Comparing ZFS, traditional RAID and mirroring:

The great thing about ZFS for home servers is that it gives you the power of RAID without the need to pay for expensive RAID-cards. In fact, the RAID options offered by ZFS rival those of really big, powerful and expensive enterprise disk systems! And all that with cheap, consumer-grade disks.

Ten Ways To Easily Improve Oracle Solaris ZFS Filesystem Performance:

ZFS can be a very fast file system. ZFS is mostly self-tuning and the inherent nature of the algorithms behind ZFS help you reach better performance than most RAID-controllers and RAID-boxes – but without the expensive “controller” part.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flash Memory (SSDs) and ZFS:

Here’s a collection of frequently asked questions about flash memory (also known as solid state disks, or SSDs) and ZFS, with answers and some useful links, and an index, too.

And lastly:

ZFS Best Practices Guide

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