More Storage for Earthquake

I’ve been running out of room on Earthquake, so I decided to plop in a 60gb ATA hard drive to act as storage. The SCSI drives will now be for production stuff, and the ATA drive will hold my games, MP3s and video clips. Here’s some details of how it went:


Here’s what the case guts looked like before the project.


A close up of the two U-160 10k rpm SCSI drives nestled up next to the exhaust fan.



The drive bracket removed.



The drive bracket with the extenders. These were wood joist straps purchased at Home Depot and cut to size.



The three drives mounted in the bracket. Getting to be quite a tall stack…


The three drives nestled in the case and cabled up.



Earthquake now. Not much difference, but 58gb (formatted) more storage space. Bring on the pr0n!






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