Earthquake Updates

I added another stick of 512MB PC2400 RAM. Just for kicks and so I can add a few more tracks on my Cakewalk recording software.

I ended up ditching the DigiDoc 5 and the PCMods baybus since the case would end up being really, really tall and awkward looking. These two devices will probably end up in Headcrash when it gets modded and rebuilt again.

I also junked the Flowmaster Max water cooling kit after it popped a leak and dripped on a sick of RAM. I swapped it for a Zalman Copper Cooler and found that it runs at about the same temperatures as the water cooling solution and just as quiet. It basically replaced the vibration of the pump motor with a whirring of a 92mm fan. I love this HSF!

I guess I just was never really satisfied by the results of the water cooling solution, although it was fun to put together. I do plan on water cooling my next rig, but, now that I know what I’m doing, I’ll buy better components, like a better copper block and a pump with a better flow rate. I’d definitely build a reservoir into the loop to take water expansion into account. I didn’t do that before, so when the water expanded as it warmed up it leaked out through my fill pipe.

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