Earthquake’s Old Case

This is a little blurb about Earthquake‘s previous case mods. I’ve since given it a total makeover. Details about this case and the water cooling project it contains can be found here.

– Intake hole in bezel with wire mesh and trim to allow increased airflow into case.
– 2x 80mm fans up top to suck hot air out of case past the SCSI drives up there and to provide ventilation for the upper case.
– Dremel cut in front of case for radiator/120mm fan combo.
– 80mm fan in front bezel above the radiator/fan shroud/fan.
– low-off-high four-switch baybus with pots set for 9v-off-12v to control fan speeds.

Dremel cuts: some notches into the runners along the top and bottom of the case’s side panels. This way I won’t have to slide the panels all the way back to take them off. I also cut notches into the top piece so I don’t have to remove it before removing the sides.

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