Headcrash Weekend Update

I tore apart Headcrash over the weekend because I was sick of Windows NT and was looking for something new to do. Since I’m planning on getting my Win2k MSCE I decided to make it a Windows 2000 Server. After fighting with it for a while I found out that the Adaptec AAA-133u2 RAID card isn’t on the w2k Hardware compatibility list and the drivers that Adaptec provide on their web site suck ass.

After deliberating for a while I decided to gut Headcrash and sell the RAID card and my two LVD SCSI drives. I’ll take that money and help pay off my credit card that I ran up buying parts for Earthquake.

At any rate I installed Win2k on the Caviar 7200rpm IDE drive instead. I’m debating whether or not to buy another 19160 SCSI card and put in a SCSI solution into the box, but for now I’m going IDE to see how it works out.

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