Earthquake Assembly

Set up Earthquake‘s hardware over the weekend, which included stealing components from Plague, my trusty PC for quite a while. Set up scratch installations of Win98 and Win2k Pro on the machine and ended up with a 1 frame-per-second difference using Quake3Arena’s Demo001 (151fps v. 150) so I think I’m going to go with Win2k pro for its OS.
Took lots of pictures over the weekend of my rig. I’ll post them as soon as the roll is used up. I’m still working on tweaking everything to get it just so. It’s like settling into a new apartment, it takes a while to get everything where you want it.

One bummer is that the HX08 is really, really full now that I have the radiator kit installed with the fan shroud as a part of the watercooling loop. I have so much crap jammed in there that it makes working in it a bit rough. I didn’t even have room for the planned radiator duct. Maybe next time I’ll go for a full-on server cube or something.

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