More Earthquake case design

I’ve been working on the case this week. Working with fresh cut metal minus gloves equals tiny little slashes all over my fingertips.

At any rate, I think I’m going to try a little experiment with my case. My current setup resembles this:


There was space enough in the lower front of the case to secure an 80mm fan between the radiator and pump. This way there is fresh air being blown into the case and the intake isn’t limited to merely the hot air being sucked through the radiator.

Although I know that fans cool better when they blow on the object rather than suck away from the object, I’m going to see if this method will suffice for the cooling of the two 10k RPM SCSI hard drives up top in back.






If I’m not happy, I’ll just reverse the 80’s from suck to blow and install a chimney fan.

Maybe I’ll do that anyway, just to see how effective both methods are. Depends on how motivated I am…

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