The Twilight's PeakTRAVELLER

July 2, 2004 - Still messing around with PHP and MySQL, I've put up a Library Index of all the terms in the Imperial Library. I'll be tweaking it and adding features to the entries over the next while.

June 23, 2004 - I've added some search features in the left-hand column of the Traveller pages. I'll be adding more data to both databases as time goes on, but there's still plenty of info available now.

Also finished up the third session of the campaign log.

June 15, 2004 - Finished up the 2nd Session of the log, and realized that I still have the third to do. Bleh. But I've managed to finish up a gun list that's a 463k downloadable spreadsheet. It contains some firearms both modern and futuristic in Aftermath terms, including damage, prices and tech levels.

June 3, 2004 - Gamed again last night, so I'm already falling way behind in the campaign log. I've managed to put up some weapons and firearm features, though.

May 21, 2004 - Did some more work developing these pages and put up the crew of the Serenity.

May 19, 2004 - Kicked off the Twilight's Peak campaign tonight with two player characters, Sir Nicholas Ranier and Lynx. I'm putting up this web page to keep track of events as they unfold. The campaign log will be up soon with background information and the initial events.

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