The Twilight's PeakTRAVELLER

This was the kickoff session for this campaign, introducing two PCs, Lynx and Farkle to the world of Traveller. It introduced them to the Legend of Twilight's Peak and got us back into the Sci-Fi world. It introduced Erica Dell as a wealthy patron with an interest in antiques, dead cultures and relics. The campaign started on Regina in the Spinward Marches with Erica Dell meeting with her family and finding out about the legend. It also introduces Captain Kelso of the Chimaera, a pirate and alleged informant to the Zhodani, who also has interests in exploring the legend...

001 - 1113 (Holiday)

Lynx, Farkle and the rest of the crew of the Boa enjoy Holiday in the Regina Suites while Erica Dell does some research and visits with her father, Jacob Dell.

003 - 1113

Erica returns with news about the Legend of Twilight's Peak and tells her crew that they will be jumping to Aramis to meet with a Robert Kierstein, a Professor of Hitory at the University of Aramis at Leedor, who reportedly has done extensive research on Twilight's Peak.

004 - 1113

The Boa leaves Regina and jumps to Aramis.

011 - 1113

The Boa lands at Leedor Station on Aramis. The crew tends to ship maintenance, immigration and other bureaucratic matters.

012 - 1113

Erica Dell sends Security Officer Lynx, Officer Johnson and Frederico Farkle into Leedor to determine the whereabouts of the Professor. They eventually stop at the Museum of Aramis asking if they know of him and his discover his address, which turns out to be a small home at the edge of the underground.

They visit his home and meet with him. It turns out the professor has in his posession one of the Octogon Books from the Octogon Society, a group founded over 300 years ago and pledged to creating a survival shelter on every planet in the sector. This book contains the 100,000 line epic of Twilight's Peak, a tale about the crash landing of a ship, whose stranded crew descover an Octogon shelter that sits atop an Ancient site.

Unfortunately, the professor cannot locate the book, but is willing to share it with Erica. He tells the trio that he will call when he has located it.

014 - 1113

The crew of the Boa receive word that the Chimaera has arrived at Leedor, and shortly thereafter Captain Kelso and some of his crew arrive at the Boa's airlock. He proposes a sharing of all knowledge in Twilight's Peak and a sharing of whatever loot is recovered, plus a sharing of the 1 MCr reward for discovering an Ancient site. Erica refuses and they leave.

The Chimaera lifts off after staying on planet only long enough to refuel. Shortly thereafter, the Boa receives a call from Professor Kierstein, who says he has found the Octagon Book. Erica dispatches security officers Lynx and Johnson to meet the Professor and bring him and the book back to talk about it.

They arrive at the professor's house to find that four men have broken into his house and are ransacking the place. In a fight among piles of papers and overturned furniture, Johnson and Lynx manage to drive off the burglars, to discover the Professor has been stabbed in the chest and lies unconscious on the floor.

Lynx calls back to the ship over her comlink, but strangely there is no response from anyone on board, so the duo work to stabilize the professor and call an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

At the hospital there is a newsflash about a massive explosion on board the Boa, apparently from a ruptured liquid hydrogen fuel line, killing everyone aboard. The professor goes into surgery and Lynx and Johnson disappear into Leedor to avoid authorities.

015/036 - 1113

Over the next three weeks, Lynx and Johnson lie low, surfacing only to visit the professor in the recovery ward and to retreive news. Apparently the entire crew of the Boa was killed except for Lynx, Johnson, the Boa's ship doctor and Frederico Farkle who are missing and presumed dead.

Eventually, Professor Kierstein is released and he leaves a message for Johnson and Lynx to meet him at his house.

At his house, the Professor opens up a hidden partition in a wall to reveal a small workshop where he has hidden his "passport", a collection of tools, forged travel documents, cash and small weapons. He arranges for a colleague of his to create some documents for Lynx and Johnson while he recuperates and packs.

035 - 1113

Sir Nick meets with Count Nikolai Kailainen and is given the mission to protect the Professor and aid him in his search for Twilight's Peak and the wreck of the Gyro Cadiz. He makes jumps for Aramis immediately to try to pick up any scent of surviving crew from the Boa.

037 - 1113

On Aramis, Lynx spots a news brief on the vids from Jacob Dell, Erica's father and Executive Director of the Dell Corporation (a multi-system think tank), who publicly announces a reward for more information into his daughter's death.

Lynx and Johnson visit the address and meet with Jacob Dell, who has arrived on planet to further investigate the accident. Upon hearing their tale, Jacob hires the two of them to investigate their suspicions that Captain Kelso was responsible for the explosion on board the Boa. He also states that he would be willing to pay more if, upon validation of their suspicion, something were to happen to Kelso.

037/051 - 1113

For the next three weeks the trio lay low as the Professor calls in some favors and manages to acquire three false sets of identity papers for himself, Johnson and Lynx as they prepare to leave planet.

052 - 1113

Professor Kierstein purchases a one-way ticket on a freighter for himself, Johnson and Lynx. He says that his intention is to make jumps to Jesedipere where he knows of some pirates who own their own ship. He plans on including them in the cut of any loot if they would be their interstellar transportation.

He also says that they will stop off at Pysadi, investigating an Octagon located somewhere on that planet.

The trio slide through customs and jump offplanet.



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