The Twilight's PeakTRAVELLER
Serenity Crew Roster
a.k.a. Ghost Cell

Captain: Sir Nicholas Ranier

Pilot: Force Leader Kvazek
A Vargr corsair who is blindingly fast on the draw and an excellent pilot. Once allied with the Kforuzeng, Kvazek struck out on his own after their plans for a meson gun-armed starship were thwarted. Kvazek learned that it was Sir Nick who caused the dissolution of the Kforuzeng and decided working with Nick would be "good for his charisma".

Physical Description: Mid 40's. Impeccably dressed with the black, tan and gold markings and looks of a German Shepherd.

Pilot, Pistol, Infighting, Interrogation

Navigator: Captain Louis Farrraday
A merchant prince and socialite. Louis was a courtier on Rhylanor until he had an affair with a High Noble's wife. The Noble promptly vowed to kill him. Seeking to aid him, Duke Norris' executive assistant, Count Nikolai Kailainen, asked Sir Nicolas to take him aboard and keep him safe. A capable navigator and one-time captain of the merchant ship Donna Maria, Louis knows many people in the right places.

Physical Description: Late 60's. Dapper and well-dressed. White hair combed back over his head.

Navigation, Seduction, Administration, Astrogation

Communications and Sensors: Team Leader Ishugi Heber Reddenaggi Whihlimar
A ten-year veteran of the Scout Service from Vland. His ship, the ISS Venture was destroyed in a Zhodani raid while exploring the gas giants of the Ruby system. A capable sensor operator and analyst, and cross-trained as a medic, Ishi has a flair for the dramatic.

Physical Description: Mid 30's. Short and stocky with black hair kept stylishly short. Wears comfortable suits.

Communications, Sensor Ops, Medic, Administration

Gunner #1 and #2:
Chief Petty Officer Alan Kendrick
Chief Petty Officer Timothy Ramsden

Operators from the Imperial Naval Intelligence Service - Special Operations Division (NIS-SOD), these two were capsule-mates in Basic and came up through the Navy together, volunteering for the NIS and then again for the SOD where they earned recognition from the Duke for intelligence operations against the Zhodani. Both are skilled agents and will be quick to tell you they are experts with just about any weapon known.

Physical Description: Both are extremely fit soldiers in their early 30's. Alan is average height with brown hair and eyes, he is totally unremarkable in all respect save that his military background has given him an athlete's physique. Timothy is taller and more obviously built, with longer red hair and moustache.

Gunnery, Weapons skills, Stalk/Hide, Intrusion

Chief Engineer: Lt. Commander Bennedict Yager
A graduate of the Naval College of Engineering on Rhylanor, Ben is slight of build and rather bookish, but knows his starship systems backwards and forwards.

Physical Description: He has short brown hair, short and squirrely, and is in his late 30's.

Everything High-Tech

Engineer #2: Lt. Commander Zachary Ballard
Another graduate of the Naval College of Engineering on Rhylanor, Zachary specializes in electrical engineering and computer science.

Physical Description: He a tall, lanky man with blue eyes and blond hair kept military short. Late 30's.

Computers (Design, Construction, Programming, Intrusion), Electrician, etc.

Engineer #3: Leutenant Lee Tannen
A Sword Worlder originally from Orcrist, Lee enrolled in the College of Engineering on Junidy and enlisted in the Imperial Navy to fight the Zhodani where he excelled at Jump Physics and Astrogation. In recognition of his saving the troopship INS Fury in the Seige of Rhylanor by preventing its damaged rives from misjumping, he was given a spot promotion to Leutenant and his choice of assignments.

Physical Description: Late 20's. Medium height and siniewy. Blond hair in a crewcut. Hazel eyes.

Mathematics, High-Energy Physics, Nuclear Engineering, Navigation, Astrogation

Engineer #4: Master Chief Petty Officer Juan "Cisco" Herrera

Cisco has been working in shipyards for the Navy for the past 30 years and knows just about everything there is to know about starships. Often asked to enter OCS and become an officer, Cisco has refused every time, preferring to remain among the line troops. His insights into the bureaucracy of the Imperial Navy are quite keen and Cisco is known for navigating bureaucratic channels as easily as he navigates dark alleyways and bars looking for a good time, a good fight, or both.

Physical Description: Cisco is in his late 50's but still remains a big, barrel-chested bruiser. He wears a bandanna and overalls with a long thick black braid down his back. His hands are complete with oil and electrical burns and busted knuckles and scars from countless bar fights.

Mechanic, Machinist, Streetwise, Scrounge, Brawling