The Twilight's PeakTRAVELLER

This session was the first session with Sir Nicholas, Lynx and Professor Kierstein working together to continue looking for the wreck of the Gyro Cadiz and the Ancients site. The crew leaves Pysadi and makes a jump for Henoz where the Professor's book says another Octagon Building is located.

095 - 1113

The entire crew of the Serenity is finally reunited on board. Over the Ship's Meal, Louis Farraday makes a pass at the stunningly attractive Lynx but is rebuffed as Lynx tells him her sexual persuasion. The information spreads like wildfire through the crew, but by unspoken consent, no one tells Sir Nick.

It turns out that Lynx speaks Vargr, much to the delight of Kvazek and the two spend much time talking together since, "such an attrative human is good for [his] charisma."

Over dinner, Sir Nick quizzes Professor Kierstein about Twilight's Peak, and the Professor says that the most likely remaining planets to be searched are: K'kirka, Perima, Tureded, Kinorb, Porozlo, and Henoz. The closest planet being Henoz, Nick gives orders to make jumps to that system.

095/110 - 1113

Transit time to Henoz is uneventful, with a stopover at L'oeul de Dieu to skim fuel. Lynx mostly spends time in the ship's gym and in her quarters, performing isometric strengthening excercises. Sir Nick spends time getting to know the three newcomers and each tells an abbreviated version of their life story, but eyebrows raise when Johnson says he cannot remember where he was born. Upon further questioning, he is puzzled that he can't remember, but then gets defensive when pressed.

Ther Serenity crew lounge in the rec area or keep skills sharp at the ship's range. Johnson spends most of his time in his room, only appearing for meals.

111 - 1113

The Serenity arrives in-system at Henoz and makes planetfall. The Professor's Octagon book does not have a location for the Octagon Building on this planet, so the crew passes through customs of Henoz Down and find themselves in Dome 1, one of seven small bubble cities scattered across the planet. Sir Nick, Lynx, Johnson, the Professor and Kvazek start exploring Dome 1 and locate a bustling resteraunt/nightclub for off duty laborers called the Dust Bowl, where they find out that the Octagon Building is located near Dome 6 and is a well known retreat for Henozians who go there to get away.

The five take light rail to Dome 6 while Nick radios to the Serenity to head back up into orbit to await further instructions.

112 - 1113

On the rail, Lynx notices that Johnson has been travelling with a backpack and is very prosessive of it, growing defensive when she asks him about it.

They arrive at Dome 6 and with a bit of cash and streetwise, determine the coordinates for the Octagon Building, they call for Ishi to come down with the ship's launch to pick them up and take them to the site, which it turns out is presently occupied by a dozen or so tough-looking laborer types who they say are there to "collect specimeins" and relax on vacation. They seem nice enough, but Lynx is skeptical, keeping up her guard and remaining outside the farmer's pressure dome in her environment suit or in the launch.

After refusing their offers of hospitality, Sir Nick and Lynx decide to leave the site until the farmers leave, taking the launch back up into orbit.

114 - 1113

Using the sensors on board the Serenity to monitor the Octagon site from orbit, Ishi tell Nick that the farmers have left the site and it stands vacant. Nick, Lynx and some of the shooters descend to the Octagon Building in the launch and start digging and exploring the site, looking for clues that align with details described in the Twilight's Peak Epic.

114/118 - 1113

The group spends several days on the site, finally resorting to setting off a small explosive charge in one corner, but turn up nothing. So they link up back in orbit with the Serenity and jump out of the system to their next destination.



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