The Twilight's PeakTRAVELLER
The second session involved Lynx, the Professor and Johnson arriving on Pysadi to explore the Octagon structure that the Octagon Book says is there. While investigating, they are introduced to Sir Nicholas Ranier and his crew of the Serenity, who has been tasked to assist Professor Keirstein in locating the Ancient site and preventing it from being explored and researched by Captain Kelso and the Zhodani.

059 - 1113

Lynx, Johnson and Professor Kierstein arrive at Pysadi Downs in the city of Sadi after spending a week in jumpspace. They check in the majority of their gear in lockers in the starport and head through customs into Sadi itself, where they start trying to determine the location of the Octagon Building.

Through talking with some locals, it turns out that the Octagon Building on this planet is a well known spiritual retreat for disciples of Mother Pysadi and is a two week cart ride from the town of Itzeny, which itself is a three day train ride away.

The Professor goes and buys three tickets to Itzeny for the next train. It is due in three hours, but thanks to "fluctuations" in Pysadi's train system, the train actually doesn't arrive for another twelve.

060 - 1113

After waiting in the train station for hours, in which the Professor reads the Octogon Book, Johnson plays with a kit of Anolas (a local lifeform resembling a cross between a Terran monkey and housecat) and Lynx brushes off advances from an Acolyte of Mother Pysadi, they board the train and depart for Itzeny.

061/064 - 1113

The train ride to Itzeny passes uneventfully, with Lynx practicing her zero-G isometric excercises to help build up her strength.

063 - 1113

Sir Nik anbd the crew of the Serenity arrive at Aramis and begins their invesitgation. They search the Professors house and start a massive computer analysis of humans leaving Aramis in the past few weeks. In addition, the crew hit the streets interviewing customs officials, baggage handlers and so forth, looking for leads.

065 - 1113

On Pysadi, the Professor, Lynx and Johnson arrive in Itzeny and charter a cart to take them up into the westerm mountains of the continent. The next three days are spent provisioning the card for a seven week round trip, expecting three weeks travel time each way and one week on site.

067 - 1113

Nik's investigations turn up that threre are four potential survivors from the Boa: Specialist Johnson, Dr. Kynes, Security Specialist Lynx and Assistant Engineer Farkle. Johnson and Lynx were spotted in the hospital visiting Professor Kierstein about thirty days prior and the three haven't been seen since. Farkle is missing and presumed dead, and Dr. Kynes booked passage as a ships doctor heading coreward towards Celepina.

He sends his team to nearby systems to track down Lynx and Johnson, with instructions to send messages to Celpina if they find anything. Nick then makes jumps in the Serenity to catch up with Doctor Kynes.

082 - 1113

Upon Sir Nik's arrival at Celepina, he finds that one of his team has sent word from Pysadi that a trio matching the discription of Lynx, Johnson and the Professor has landed at Pysadi and headed off to Itzeny. Upon hearing that the Professor has been spotted, Nik turns around and makes jumps to Zivije and Henoz to collect his crew and makes jumps to Pysadi.

068/089 - 1113

On Pysadi, Lynx, Johnson and Professor Kierstein travel overland by cart to the Octogon Building. Along the way they are pestered by kits of Anolas. Lynx, wary of their nimble fingers, maintains a protective eye on her gear, but the Anolas remain harmless.

089 - 1113

The trio and the guide arrive at the Octagon site, which resembles that one described in the book, being high in the mountains on a craggy cliff. The group immediately starts to unload gear and set camp while the guide tells them about the Hennik, a large quadriped with huge articulating jaws known to frequent the area.

089/094 - 1113

The trio begin to explore the site, inspecting it for "a door in the floor near the fireplace". They start to dig and clear away debris from three hundred years of neglect.

093 - 1113

The Serenity arrives insystem and travels to Pysadi Downport where it picks up the crewman to found the Professor's trail. He tells them about the travel time to Itzeny, so Nik decides to speed things up by launching out of system, changing his ship's transponder code to that of Captain Kelso's Chimaera and simply landing on the planet near the Octagon building, violating all sorts of planetary and interstellar travel laws.

095 - 1113

On the fifth day of digging, the Octagon camp is attacked by four Henniks. Johnson is mauled badly, but Lynx manages to slice them up with her antique katana.

As Lynx works on Johnson the ever present Anola's chirm and hum nearby, calming Lynx as she works.

In the afternoon, the Serenity's launch lands, and out steps Kvazek, Sir Nicholas and his two marines, who tell the trio of Jacob Dell's request to Count Kailainen to investigate his daughter's death and to discover Twilight's Peak.

095 - 1113

The group digs and explores for a while and run sensor scans from the Serenity in orbit across the area, but determine that nothing is underneath the building as discribed in the poem. So they launch back into orbit, still using the Chimaera's transponder code and jump outsystem.


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