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Sergeant Cody "Red" Miller

Cody Miller was born and raised in Mendocino, California, son to an outlaw biker and methamphetamine addict and a "hippie mom". As he says, he was "raised by Mom, survived Dad." The third oldest of four children, all of the Miller children sought means to escape their brutal father.

Cody's younger brother, Eric, died of a lethal overdose, his sister Katherine moved to New York as soon as she turned 18, and his older brother, Mike joined the Air Force, flying F-16s over Poland during the early stages of this conflict.

Cody also sought relief from his family. Starting at a young age, he grew up in the outdoorsrather than face his father's drug-induced rages. As he grew older, he learned to defend himself and find calm through boxing and tai chi. He eventually followed in his older brother's footsteps and joined the armed forces, but chose the Army and Ranger training.

  He has learned that his older brother was shot down during the First Seige of Warsaw in early September 1997, and has not heard anything about him since.





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