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Captain Shane "God" Pendlan

Shane Pendlan was born in San Antonio, Texas; just 2 miles from the famous historical site where many patriotic Texans gave their lives in order to stop Santa Anna and his armies from reclaiming Texas as a Mexican Territory, the Alamo.

Stanley Pendlan, His father was a drunkard who worked as a laborer in a Warehouse meat packing plant, and had passed away after suffocating to death when he was wrapped from head to toe in shipping plastic. To this day authorities are uncertain whether or not it was an accidental death due to uncontrollable drinking on the job or whether or not it was in retaliation from his wife after several beatings at his hands. No evidence was ever found to implicate her, but many members of the San Antonio Police never bothered to pursue the case, deciding themselves that Stanley Grier had gotten what he deserved.

Norma Grier (She changed her name back to Pendlan after Stanley’s burial and officially changed her son’s name as well) was born a true southern Belle in the plantations of the Deep South, to a well off family, but after a troubling rebellious youth she moved to Texas and soon fell in with Stanley Grier. Her relationship with him was stormy, but she enjoyed the carefree way, which he held life, spirit and employment. She was soon with child and living off what her family doled out to her and what Stanley could make taking on odd jobs, but after failure after failure Stanley soon began to drink and take his frustrations out on her, never touching his Son though. Within two years of Shane’s birth, Stanley would be found dead at the meatpacking warehouse.

Shane and his mom continued to live in San Antonio; she had friends that would look after Shane when she was at work trying to supplement her parents’ monthly checks. These women had children of their own and Shane grew up in a loving, but busy environment. Norma never fell into another relationship again, but it was hinted at that she was seeing one of her friend’s husbands who was a firefighter for the San Antonio Fire Department, but that was never proven. Shane grew into a healthy and well educated young man. He spent days playing sports, studying and had the occasional; girlfriend but in his late teens an event happened that would change his life.

Norma was then working as a barmaid in a very nice bar in the center of town. Many businessmen went there after work. Shane had come to pick up his mom after work and enjoy a drink. Two men entered a scuffle and Norma tried to break it up (The bouncer was dealing with a couple of underage people at the door) and was paid for it by a knife in the heart. Shane was shattered, he had never known his father and cared even less that he once had one, but the thought of both his parents being pushed out of this would nearly drove him crazy. He ran out of the bar, knocked over a 7-11 out of grief and rage and spent the night in jail. He was released the next day under extenuating circumstances, and the fact that he knew the judge. After wasting most of the day in morning he attended his Mother’s funeral, said goodbye to his friends and found himself inside the city’s naval recruiting office.

He found that in the navy he could escape the grief that had set itself in his heart and try to forget the life that he had, but he had never forgotten the city and area that he grew up in. He scored high in all his tests and went though two years as a weapons specialist. He applied to the Sear, Air & Land training division at the end of his second year and was accepted. After that he excelled at S.E.A.L. combat training, interrogation, demolitions, but his primary M.O. was as a Marine cross-trained sniper. His weapon of choice during those first few months was the famed PSG-1 and later he traded it for the Barrett Model .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle. A rifle that was known for accuracy of up to ½ a mile away and was devastating in it’s lethality. For 4 grueling years he had put himself through hell, completing the S.E.R.E training program (The most difficult of military training programs) and was awarded for single handedly and ingeniously rescuing fellow classmates, utilizing a hand made paint pellet firing sniper rifle against his opponents. He was driven to succeed and fought with tenacity and bravery the likes of which his fellow countrymen who fought at the Alamo would have been proud of, and in recognition of his talents he was made captain and leader of S.E.A.L. team 8.

The team pulled off many rescue and incursion operations and Shane himself had executed six targets around the world including; Alexandre Rozov, Red Party Faction Leader and Ex KGB; Danh Pho Lanh, Crimson Dawn; Hai Minh Tranh, People’s Light and Salvation; Ilsa Von Obergeist, Fumpf Uber-Reich (Pyschohjjhgical Division); Pppprre Dulak, Liuoierte’ Du Quebec and ahdjshsdkda…a,sd.s.s………..<<TRANSMISSION FAILED>>………………..





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