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The Tale of Selenia Pesed

As a young bastard child of the Lord of Kom Province, Selenia was treated poorly and her father tried to drown her in a frenzied fit on one occasion. As she grew older within the walls of Parnan keep, she grew beautiful and she learned sewing and cooking as the family groomed her for marriage to some unimportant vassal. She was quiet and forgot not what had happened to her and how she was treated. The chamberlain Orbellas paid her little attention but did teach her to meditate quietly and clear her mind. Other than her old ladies in waiting, her only friend became the hound Jarlak who she fed and loved. One winter as the rest of the family left to another lodge, strangers arrived. The first was Khare, her older brother and a tall brooding man with a taste for violence. With him came Lady Shylocke, a duellist, who had fled her own arranged marriage and lived by her wits. Lastly there was Kytas Iltrin, a barbarian from a small island off of northern Harn. Khare immediately began to train her in the arts of magic for he could sense the natural power laying dormant within her. Time passed quickly and the rest of House Pesed was to return soon. Khare made arrangements for her to complete her training with Arden Ford, an old and trusted friend of Khare's, and a fine bard and swordsman. On the evening ere her father's return, Khare returned from his travels to offer Selenia the choice of freedom from her family. Khare gave her silver, and a fine steed, and accompanied by Arden Ford, she traveled the Kom. After three months, she reached the keep of Menekai. Khare again pulled strings and arranged to have her become a student to Pelos the Animist who would hold her in safe keeping up in the Hefosia Highlands while Khare rode north, perhaps to his doom.

In the Highlands, She dwelt with the Animist on the Island of the Kingmaker, deep in the heart of the bandits territory. While living there, She deepened her knowledge of magic and she and the Animist together would move among the bandits, healing them in return for food and supplies for the Island.

Eventually, Khare would return to her with news of Arden Ford's death, and with news of the movement against the Shek-pvar. She would accompany the Coven of the Kom into the depths of Kiraz.

Arden Ford's Ballad

(Carl Orf Carmina Burana)

When we are in the tavern,

unmindful of the grave,

we rush to the gaming tables,

over which we sweat.

If you want to know

what happens in the tavern

(where money gets you wine),

then listen to my tale.

Some men gamble, others drink,

others shamelessly indulge themselves;

and of those

who stay to gamble,

some loose their garments,

and others are in sack cloth.

There, no one is in fear of Death,

throwing dice for Bacchus:

First the dice are thrown for wine,

which the libertines drink.

Then they toast the prisoners twice,

then they toast the living thrice.

Four times the wine is drunk for Christians,

five times for the faithful departed,

six times for the boastful sinners,

seven times for the forest soldiers.

Eight times for the sinful brethren,

nine times for the dispersed monks,

ten times for the navigators,

eleven times for the men at odds,

twelve times for the penitent,

thirteen for the travellers.

We drink for Pope and King alike,

and then we drink, we drink.