Role Playing Games

The Tale of the Charnians

Year 576

March 7

Five overlord troops enter Charn. Meet with an unfortunate accident at the Grungy Goblin Inn. Three are killed, one escapes, one taken prisoner.

March 8

Farnach the Inkeeper closes the Grungy Goblin Inn. Says he is moving north to live with "aunt".

March 10

Farnach hires mercenaries to take him north. Lynch mob runs Blackwolf and Kharash out of Charn. I guess they were pro-Overlord. We spend the night in the Dirthwood Forest.

March 11

Meet the stranger at camp.

March 12

Archery competition. Kharash loses to Grayshanks. As loss on bet we accompany him in search of a tomb somewhere in Dirthwood. Enter forest.

March 14

After two days of wandering through the swampy forest, we attain a manor, not a tomb. Find the thief's tomb and loot it. Grayshanks in his incompetence set off the trap, and took the brunt of his mistake in the form of a scything blade. Being "mortally" wounded, I had no choice but to put him out of his misery. Oh well--I told him I killed for money. We narrowly escape with a small attack from the goblin residents. Flee back to forest, with a necklace, ring, sword, and 3 gold bricks.

March 18

Having finally attained high, dry ground, we meet Shen'tyga, who takes us to a small encampment. Shen'tyga takes us to meet Grayfeathers, the leader. Encampment is overrun by goblins. Escape into forest with Grayfeathers, Shen'tyga, and two aides--Chinta'kari and Pralorn. Search for survivors, find the cottage of Rosabella & Rosalinda. They tell us of the old monastery and its takeover. Agree to kill ogre as payment for their information and hospitality.

March 19

Go to ogre lair. Ice the ogre family and their goblin servants. Get their treasure chest. Go back to cottage and pay to have our goods identified. Blackwolf learns he needs to dip Shadowsclaw in the blood of an innocent man to learn its capabilities. Life is getting interesting!

March 21

Hike to monastery.

March 22

Enter the monastery. Kharash mourns the loss of his sword after an ambush by goblins. Explore the main structure; has been overrun by ogres, hobgoblins, and other beasties. Kharash claims the black shield of the hobgoblin chief. Pick up a nice little bag that seems to pour money endlessly. Looking for a place to camp, we find the druid pool--a little sip, and we have superhuman streeeeeeeeeength!! Pitch camp and decide to descend to basement tomorrow.

March 23

Enter basement. Rescue Culen McFilch, but keep his gear--heh, heh. Blackwolf ices two goblins in the blink of an eye with Grayshanks' bow. Meet More the head cleric, take his staff too. He helps us rescue Gareth Ironhand, who pledges to help kill the Goblin King. Fight with goblins, hide out in storeroom.

March 24

Explore some more, blow chow over some moldy corpses. Kharash drops in on a wraith, which Blackwolf splits from the crotch to the clavicle. battle the Goblin King and his minions--Kharash can't hit the broad side of a brothel but Blackwolf saves the day with his expert marksmanship. Lost More (aww!). Fall into the caverns on our way back to encamp.

March 25

By the scythe of Nerull, what a day!! We enter the caverns, and in our infinite wisdumb follow the steam to its source. Waiting there fur us was a beautiful red dragon (of course), who uses an audible glamer to make us think his chamber is the safest place to be. Kharash in a tremendous show of bravery strode forward, drew his sword in a feint of submission, and nearly slew him with a single blow. Chinta-kari got roasted, and Kharash nearly met his fate in the jaws of the dragon, but Blackwolf quickly felled the mighty beast with a single bowshot straight through his forehead. Sounds like the end of a tremendous adventure? NOT! While searching through the booty, Blackwolf decides to pull some beans out of a bag, and bang! after failing a 98% chance of saving himself gets sucked into another dimension. Kharash, not wanting to miss out on all the fun, jumps in after him. Two first level boobs on the Astral Plane--not a problem! Where are they in relation to one another? Nobody knows. How are they getting home? Nobody knows! Sucks to be us!!!

April 1

Blackwolf goes ethereal, then wills himself to Greyhawk. Ends up in some strange land, so he tries again. comes out on the hill near the monastery. Hikes up until nightfall.

April 2

Spend the morning hunting, don't catch squat. Re-enter monastery. Suddenly realize I have no light. Manage to feel my way all the way back to the trapdoor. Get lost and fist fight some kobolds, having lost my weapons on the Astral Plane. Find my way to the dragon's lair, find the dead knight's chamber. Gather his equipment, encamp.

April 3

Leave the dragon's lair to catch up with Grayfeathers et. al. As I'm walking through the forest, with a flash of magical energy boom! in pops Kharash, covered in ethereal slime. We return to the lair to gather as much gold as we can carry. Feast on another meal of dragon steak.

April 4

Return to Rosabella & Rosalinda, where we also meet with Grayfeathers, Pralorn, Shen'tyga and our two wolves, Nightfang and Zarogh. Find out we'd been in the Astral Plane for a week. Split the loot, ID out magic items, and basically spend about four days recuperating.

April 5

Move west through the swamp. Attacked by strange puma-like beasts with tentacles on their backs. Follow their trail to their lair. Shen'tyga picks up an ornamental bracer.

April 8

After four days walk through the forest, and seeing a will-o-wisp and some of the fay folk, Grayfeathers brings us to the edge of the forest. Shen'tyga decides to accompany us to Rauxes, since he lost all three brothers in the swamp. Grayfeathers and Pralorn return into forest, and the three of us celebrate their departure.

April 12

Walk across the rolling hills of the Great Kingdom, camp without a fire.

April 14

Reach the Imeda river and encamp.

April 15

Walk up the Imeda, past the fork, take a ferry across to...RAUXES! Put the wolves in a kennel, open an account with the money changer, enroll at the mercenary's guild to train for a week, and basically wonder at the fathomless mysteries of the City of Ten-Score-Thousand Smokes.

April 22

Kharash trains with the mages. Shen'tyga and Blackwolf get a room at the Red Axe Inn, owned by Thajzi Orcslayer, a notorious Orc-hater. Convince him that I am an accomplished orc hunter. We are directed to the Scholars' Inn to find some "action". Meet Tangus McFain, who recommends going to The Maze, although a bit too readily.

April 23

Buy some black dye and dye my arrows. Hang out at Scholars' Inn, pick out a pair of wealthy merchants to hit. Catch them leaving with some women, pretend to be their pimp (doesn't work), kill the richest one. Leave black arrow in his back as a sign. Chased by the black shirts for 20 minutes but escape. Return with merchant's purse to find I've lost my own. I guess that's justice in Rauxes.

April 24

Meet some Acrobats at the Scholars' Inn. Discuss Thief Guilds, etc. He tells me where to find Extortioner's Guild and to mention Prather. As I get to Dead Broke Street, I'm jumped by five thugs. I decide to shoot for it and say Prather sent me. I break there hold, but get my throat cut from behind. Spend 2 days unconscious, awake in a random chamber. Pass the second test by refusing the soup they bring me. The leader of the thugs comes into my room, introduces himself as Prather, and welcomes me into the Guild. Chopper comes in and apologizes for the initiation. Prather explains the rules, gives me some steel rings to cover my neck wound. This guy knows everything about us! Train for a week wherever I am, then get knocked out and returned to the Guild. Chopper brings me a box of 20 arrows, dyed beautifully black.

May 3

Return to Red Axe Inn. Kharash studies some mage shit. Three of us go to the Dancer's Delight. Blackwolf loses his cherry in the most erotic sexual experience he could ever hope to have. Spend the 4th sleeping it off.

May 5

Get a job from the Guild to steal an amulet from the warden of the debtors' prison. Break in, charm the warden, get the amulet, but our broken window is discovered and an alarm is raised. On the way out another mage dispels the charm. End up brawling our way to the door, barely escape, then take off for the whorehouse with 19 city guards tailing Shen'tyga. Kharash and I make it back, but Shen'tyga doesn't return. Spend another night of bliss.

May 6

Kharash and I go into training. The guildmembers try to play it cool, but they are obviously in awe over the number of brownshirt corpses feathered with black arrows.

May 20

Regroup at Red Axe Inn. Go out for a night of excitement. Get in a fight with some blackshirts for the hell of it. Walking along Waterfront, we get jumped by a gang. Blackwolf is taken down, so we cut our losses and go home. However, we now have a prime directive--revenge! Shen'tyga is acting cool now.

May 21

Blackwolf is taken to a temple to be healed. Receives letter from The Exile, learns about hit on Moonlight Blade spy. Kharash refuses to go without knowing everything. Always aiming to please, Blackwolf has him brought into the Guild. Kharash is surprised at his initiation rites, but glad to be in. Considers a career in assassination. Blackwolf spends another night in paradise.

May 22

Kharash released from Guildhall. Blackwolf spends day sleeping off previous night and preparing for hit. Blackwolf climbs into target's room, Kharash and Shen'tyga get in a street brawl. Wait all night.

May 23

Target returns home in the early morning. Kharash enters boarding house invisible, inadvertently creating a nice "ghost" diversion. Blackwolf chases target out of apartment, he & Kharash kill him in hall. Set up body as requested, take money. Kharash and I go into training, Shen'tyga seeks some monetary diversion.

June 6

Find a house on Silver Street. Search through it, find out its actually inhabited by some Snake bitch. Fight her, pump her full of several arrows, finally drive her insane with a Psionic Blast, but she still poisons both of us. She goes outside in a fit of blood-lust, kills about 20 peasants and 10 Blackshirts before dying. We quietly retrieve our wolves.

June 7

Hire carpenter. Spend two days cleaning the place for him.

June 9

Carpenter begins work. Blackwolf goes back into training.

June 11

Here a strange howl outside during training. Have dream that night about Redeyes.

June 12

About midnight, the Redeye attack is launched on the Assassins' and Thieves' Guilds, and the city gates. The Exile kills the last one as I arrive. Spend the rest of the night keeping guard.

June 14

That night have another dream, about the Redeyes, but also a dragon hovering over the city. Next day it is obvious everyone has had the same ill-boding dream.

June 15

Leave Guildhall. Buy furniture. Do biggest, cleanest hit on some noble. Come away with about 30,000 gp worth of stuff, without a fight. Ver'nice.

June 16

Go into training, again.

June 20

A second Redeye offensive. This time they focus their attack mostly on the southern city gates, and succeed in breaking out.

June 23

End training. Decide to find a Redeye to see how tough they really are. Find one and destroy it, but realize it was really tough. Kharash recognizes the dust of which they are made as that he's seen on the robes of his mentor, Medellan. The plot thickens...

June 24

Medellan is missing.

June 25

Spend next two days fixing up house and trying to find Medellan.

June 26

Decide to break down Medellan's door since no-one has seen him. Find his smelly corpse, plus a book on the Realm of Shadow and the granite gateway. Take the book to The Exile, who asks Kharash to read it.

June 27

After reading about gateway, we decide to go get it. Returning to Sorcerors' Guild, we find that someone has beaten us to it. Go back to The Exile, who says she has more pressing business for us. She tells us the story of Secatha, an evil Lizard-King whom the Redeyes have awoken. Kharash and I decide to do one more hit to pick up some "cash" so we can train. Rob a goldsmith.

June 28

Kharash goes into training. Blackwolf needs more "cash" before he can train. Hit the streets, get in a footrace with a psionic elf, give him a nice migraine, and take the purse. Still need more "cash", so I attack to Random Bobs on a street corner. Devirginize my garrot. Realize I've killed two Moonlight Blades. No loss. Run straight to Guild.

July 5

Gear up.

July 6

Set out from Rauxes. Happy to be on the road again, but feel like we're being watched. See black dragon scout that night, just like dream.

July 7

Battle at the ford. Obviously, we are expected.

July 8

In the early morning, we see the dragon scout talking with four Redeyes bearing a gate, hopefully the only one. Begin forced march.

July 9

After a day's run we realize that we are losing ground, so we rest and resume usual pace.

July 10

Reach the temple of Secatha. Spend the day scouting.

July 11

Since we don't see anybody coming or going, we decide just to enter. Mow down the temple guards, but Blackwolf's diplomatic comment "We're your death coming to greet you!" somehow upsets the Black Dragon. Of course it was true, but we lost Hannahr and our wolves in the battle, plus a lot of gear. Retreat to heal and re-strategize.

July 13

Re-enter temple. Clean out dragon's treasure, descend into mountain, wipe out temple's main defense. Hit sorceror's bedchamber. Retreat to the dragon's lair to rest.

July 14

Descend again into the temple. Blackwolf hypnotizes a priest and convinces him to take us to the Highpriest Mordren. Try to convince him we're here to help with the Gateway, but he doesn't buy it. End up fighting our way through to Secatha. In the culminating battle of the whole adventure, Blackwolf completely chokes on his assassination, misses a backstab, and almost breaks his sword. He and Kharash still manage to destroy Secatha's form and his minions, although Maris is killed. Search remainder of lower temple.

July 15

Spend next three days feasting in dining hall and identifying items.

July 18

Drag Secatha's and the female vampire's bodies up into the sunlight. March out for Rauxes.

July 26

Over a week later, we arrive back in Rauxes.

July 27

Blackwolf and Kharash train in both classes.

August 10

Talk to Exile about going to Plane of Shadow. She seems excited to go, but for personal power.

August 11

Our house has been ransacked. Kharash's treasure chest is gone. Confront Kharash's new mentor, but don't get anything out of him.

August 12

Kharash transcribes Medellan's Portal.

August 13

Burst into Sorcerors' Guild and attack Vanovar, one of the mages working with Medellan, but he gets away. Decide to create gateway tomorrow.

August 14

We wake with the feeling that this is possibly the last day of our existence. We create a gate and pass into the Plane of Shadow. Very strange place, completely devoid of color, some buildings are bigger and some are destroyed. Lots of weird creatures, too. Go to Sorcerors' Guild, kill Vanovar and Larkin. Ambush Sheynik, the last of Medellan's associates. Find out about Hamentor "the Ageless", and the other two gates. Kill him and return to Prime Material.

August 15

Enter sewers. Drop two Black Hands. Run into an elf and a half-elf who totally work us over and run off, throwing a small emerald at Exile. I think revenge is definitely in order. Bug out and call it a day. Kharash starts The Great Fire of 576 with a pair of fireballs that he launches at some peasants, just out of spite.

August 19

After 4 days resting, we begin again. Find the other gate and kill the seven Redeyes guarding it. Destroy the gate. See the front gate to the keep is open when we come out. About 3 am, a caravan of three new granite slabs are brought into the keep. Our suspicions are confirmed.

August 20

Realizing that the new gates are being created faster than we can seek and destroy them, we gather a force for a direct assault on Hamentor: Blackwolf, Kharash, The Exile, Prather, Chopper, Thajzi Orcslayer (thanks to a small lie from Blackwolf), Kurlig, Tavé K'vir (the Huvshe), and Kragen Tor. Spend the day preparing.

August 21

Enter the Land of Shadow once more. We approach the keep directly, which is guarded by twenty Redeyes, in the full glory of their Shadow Plane existence. However, they part, and allow us to enter. Hamentor speaks to Blackwolf telepathically, taunting me. We are directed up an endless flight of stairs, up hundreds and hundreds of feet into the tower, and are left alone in a room. Explore each of the four exits, which are each tied to an Elemental Plane, and decide on Water. Spend many hours walking down through the chamber of Water, finally find another portal. Take stairs up to Hamentor's chamber.

Then begins the ultimate battle. We destroy rust monsters, fire giants, two hydras [well, Blackwolf did all the work on them :) ]; The Exile turns the tide of the battle against Hamentor himself with an Insect Storm, and Blackwolf and Kharash destroy Hamentor himself (well, mostly Blackwolf again). Our only fatalities are Prather, and worse yet, Blackwolf's notorious bow. Blackwolf briefly considers suicide, but decides instead to find a different method of efficient killing.